Thursday, May 26, 2016

I really needed to find this today!!

So today I was looking online for motivation...I decided to start a new blog, I logged into Blogger and found my own blog from years ago! What better place to start for motivation! I am even heavier now than I was when I started this blog originally. I really need help, I do not know how I am going to make losing weight my priority BUT I have to do this.

Today my weight is now 410 pounds and I want to lose at least 200 pounds. Whoever said that overeating is not an addiction LIED!!! I can stop any other thing except food. If I didn't need to eat to survive it would be easy! I used to smoke years ago and quit cold turkey, I still crave cigarettes but I don't do it! I need to dig deep within and figure out what it is going to take for me to lose this weight.

Dear God hear my prayers! I do not want to be in the shape that I am in any longer!!