Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You can't possibly mean me !?!

"Hey! You inspire me!" Who?! ...What?!...Me?? No, not me! I walked over to the two women talking to me, I said "Aaaw,thanks!" The woman said No, I'm serious! You are my inspiration! She told me how she is a newbie and by listening to me at the meetings, I show her that it is possible to lose the weight. Her friend also felt the same way about me. How they thought about quitting but because of me they have decided not to. Wow! This is so funny to me. I never considered myself an inspiration. I was floored and flattered all at one time.

I pretty much speak at all of the meetings and usually always have an NSV (non-scale victory) or an SV. (scale victory) This week, I was not going to go to my meeting. I had already made up my mind. Plus, I had an excuse. My daughter needed help with my grandbabies! There it is. In stone that I have a committment to my kids. Not to mention that for 2 weeks I have not been OP (on Program) at all. I didn't go crazy like I would have before WW ( Weight Watchers) But, last week I had a gain of 5.2 just to give you some insight on what I am referring to. This week I had a loss. 3.8! I was actually expecting maybe a small gain. I have not journalled, exercised, drank enough water, Nothing!! I was doing my own thing and setting myself up for failure. Once again! The cycle is unravelling.

I made up my mind to go and just get back on the wagon and get it rolling again. I walk into my meeting, and my leader was writting down names on the name tags and as it becomes my turn to weigh in, he goes up behind the counter and calls me to get weighed in by him. Nooo!! I didn't want him to see my gain! That was the first thought in my head! I was so embarrassed! So he asked me how my week went. I explained to him I need help, how I have been struggling and that I was not intending on coming to the meeting. But, I knew that was setting myself up for allowing bad behaviour to set in. I knew I needed this meeting. He had told me that the topic we are talking about tonight is exactly where I am now in my journey. Great! Glad I came! The 3.8 pound loss was nice also!!

While in the meeting, we are talking about what keeps us going, what we did the first week we joined, why we joined and how to get that enthusiasm back. I talked about how I have always been an all or nothing type person and how because of that I have changed to doing nothing the past few weeks since I "fell" off the wagon. How I have to slow down some on thinking It's all or nothing. Because, thats how I have failed in the past. I can't think that walking 4 miles everynight is always going to happen. I now know that I must still get in my exercise just maybe not everyday like I was and then crashed and now I burn! No, I can't be like that any longer. He had everyone in my meeting applaud me at least 3 times. It was cool But at the same time I felt like I was trying to steal all the attention. That was not the case. Talking at the meetings helps me out alot! I usually do not speak in front of crowds. But, I am able to here, and I like it alot!

When the two women approached me, told me that I inspire them, I loved it and it gave me back exactly what I need to make it thru another week and then some. To know that I have helped someone else out in thier journey makes me want to strive for more. "Thanks Ladies, you have made my night!"

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  1. This is very inspirational Colette; it actually has me wanting to blog about my mastercleanse fast. Which is coming up on Monday and to be completely honest; I've lost a lot of my enthusiasm for it. It sucks but what can you do? You are an inspiration Colette. Just look at your before and currents(I won't say after because your journey is not over). You need to figure out what it is you need to do to get yourself back on the road and to stay there. It's all you, honey and maybe there's something going on in your life (some form of stress or worry) that has you off program and maybe you need to focus on conquering that stress and focus on all the positive things in your life to keep you making those steps. -- Brandon W. Settles Jr.