Friday, June 25, 2010

90 days at a time!

With the amount of weight I want to lose seeing the finish line is overwhelming! I think about how far I have and decide to just do what I want because i will never make it to the end! In reality had I have stuck with it when I originally started the dieting cycle I would have made it over a decade ago If I would have just hung in there. I have been hearing the phrase "90 days" alot in the past few months I read an awesome book called "Start Somewhere" That was when I was first introduced to 90 days. Then the week after that my pastor was talking about "Just give it 90 days" and recently I seen it somewhere else. So Guess what I am gonna do ?!?.... I am gonna Give it 90 days!

In the past two weeks I have really stopped the fast food. I seriously am a fast food junkie with how busy my life is. I decided to slow that down drastically. I have also wrote everything I eat in a food journal. Something I hate doing. I know that it works because it is a way to hold myself accountable.

In the past two weeks with just those two changes I lost 12 pounds! That's right 12 big ones baby! I know this is not going to always be a big loss but I will take it and run with it. I am so happy with that loss I woke up singing and dancing. I took 3 new body shots so that I can get back on to taking the pictures so I have comparison shots thru my journey. I did take a break of a few months and did what I wanted to. I am back to where I was again and I am not going to meetings but hope that writing in a food journal can replace my meetings for now.

I am terrible of being here on a regular basis, I will however do my best to get regular writings in whenever possible. It is baseball season for my son and that keeps us gone alot! I love it tho! have a great day and if I am not here before...have an AWESOME FOURTH of JULY!!!!

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