Friday, April 3, 2009

The way a small change has affected me.

Today has been a wonderful day. Even though I have been to a funeral, my 18 year old had her wisdom teeth removed and it is gloomy outside. I should probably be not so wide eyed and bushy tailed (is that how it goes?!) When it is usually rainy and dark outside I am usually sleepy and just wanna stay home inside. Who am I fooling ?! That could be any day not just rainy ones!!But not today actually at the funeral an old friend noticed I lost weight and he complimented me on my loss thus far. I also had someone flirt with me today at the grocery store, too bad he wasn't my type! LOL! But needless to say he must have been attracted to my positive and upbeat attitude today! I feel great! I have been OP for almost a week and I feel great! It is a nice feeling to have. I feel sexy and like I can conquer the world! This has to be short but I wanted to get a post out there. I will write something more interesting later!!

1 comment:

  1. Great positive attitude!! Heehee I love those days when you feel so sexy and that you can conquer the world if you wanted to. Keep up the great stufffff!! Have a good day.