Monday, May 18, 2009

The BIG panties!!

So I was doing great until last week! I Allowed my addiction to kick in and take over , It was like I was drawn to the bad foods like moth to a flame. I am a true "crack"head for food. I really feel like food is my drug of choice! Anyhow, tomorrow is my weigh in and as much as I do not wanna face that scale... I have to "bite the bullet" and move forward! Lesson learned!

Last week was mothers day and a bday party that I had to face! My daughter made me cookies and of course I ate them! And at the Bday party who woould have known my famous home made mac n cheese was over 18 points for 2 cups! So, I exercised alot that week to get a maintain on the scale! Whew! No gain and no loss, works for me!

You know the worst part of everything that has happened over the past few weeks... Maybe it should be the best part... When I eat foods high in fat, I feel like crap and I notice the difference almost within 10 minutes or less of eating those foods. I get a tummy ache or even worse the bubble guts! lol !! So you would think that should be enough to make me stay away But, Noooooooo!! I still crave the high fat killers I have been eating all of my life! It would be so nice if I didn't need food for survival I could quit it cold turkey! I had smoked for many, many years!! As soon as it was causing problems for my children, I dropped smoking quicker than you could say "don't light that!" But food.... NOPE can't get that lucky!

Well, Looks like for now I may get in 2 posts per month!! LOL! I want to shoot for at least once a week till I can get more time. I have baseball with my son everynight and therapy for my daughter two times a week and I try to walk also while my son has practice. Such little time for a single, working mother! I also want to take some pictures tonight. I finally took measurements a few nights ago I wish I would have done that 4 weeks ago when I joined WW. But I know I have lost inches because I can't keep my panties up!! YES I SAID MY PANTIES! LOL so tonight I am stopping at Walmart to get new ones!! Never thought that would excite me, but then again my goal outfit is a pair of panties in size 8, a pretty pink pair!! I will show them to you when I get home tonight. I will take a pic and add it with this post!

I have to write back once more this month to let you know the damage at tomorrows weigh in! :O(

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