Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ah Ha!!

I had forgotten about this until I responded to a post on the Weight Watchers board. It is my moment that woke me up this time.

Not every one has thier "ah ha" moment that kicks them in the ass and gets them moving towards losing weight. I have tried to lose weight too many times to count on 100 poeples fingers and toes!! But I actually have to say I did have one of those moments this time around in my journey to lose weight. I had, had several in the past But this one really woke me up.

On my 44th birthday my kids scheduled a birthday party at Don Pablos. My daughter had just started driving and wanted us to ride in her car. She doesn't drive on the highway and wanted me to drive. I go to sit in her Honda Accord and had to almost grease the outsides of my body to fit in between the seat and the stearing wheel!! What a horrible sight. I was squished in. I didn't know if I was going to be able to get out once we had arrived. So as I am smashed in this tiny area I am anticipating getting the heck out of this car. Wow was that a task! So I finally get out of her car to never want to be in that situation again!! That was on April 11th. I started Weight Watchers April 14th. That was the best thing I have ever done. I have gone to meetings before but I never lost more than 20 pounds and I always quit. I usually ended up in meetings with a leader who has lost 20 pounds or less to make it to goal. This time I decided to shop around till I found a leader who could identify with my struggles. My leader is awesome. He has lost over 100 pounds and he is the greatest! I love my meetings and the people who attend them in my class are the best. They are very supportyive and I really like these people and they seem to like me also! lol, But seriously, I am now almost 40 pounds less,over 14 inches lost and have completed 13 weeks of meetings. AWESOME... I feel Awesome. I have a new attitude, people notice me now because of my confidence. Have alot of people noticed I lost weight??... some.. but, I do not care. I know how I feel and I am amazed every day I wake up, because of what I am doing for me. I have done such a turn around in my thinking and I can not tell anyone in words how happy I am.

I just wanted to share this because when I was on the boards and shared it with someone there I realized I needed to blog my "Ah Ha" moment.

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