Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have got to be the WORST.......

Blogger!! LOL I say I am going to post my dream panties and I don't! I said that I will put up a full length pic of myself the other night... didn't!! Horrible! I swear I will get it together one of these days!!

So anyhow, I had my weigh in at WW last night. I was sweating bullets man seriously!! I had eaten fast food every day last week. I did watch the amounts I had eaten, But I did go over my points some.... every day Yes Every sticken day I went over!! I had also eaten all my extras (weeklies) and then some. So I walk into WW expecting a gain. In my head I am thinking ok did I exercise?!... check...Did I drink my water?...another check! Hmm ...That damn fast food is it gonna bite me in the ass?!?...check? NO !! ha ha wait!! I think my exercise paid off!!! I LOST 1.6!! Hooray!! So the scale loved me up yet another week. That was my 13th weigh in. I have lost exactly 37.8 I just tell people about 40 pounds, cause I know that I am so close it will be here pretty soon. So I have lost 7.8 before I joined the WW meetings and now I have 9 more pounds before WW considers I have lost 10 % of my weight so far. I want those 9 pounds so BADLY I can taste it. So my goal is to bite this 9 pounds in the ass as quickly as possible. I know I should do it slowly but I so want that 10 %. I would like to say I will have it in 2 weeks but I will take it as it comes and not set my expectations to high. Even tho I so want it like yesterday!!

So if any of you have any special weight loss dust to give that 9 pounds to me ASAP I would love to recieve it!!

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