Tuesday, October 13, 2009

52 pounds gone

I am just going to post a quickie! I have lost as of today's date 52 pounds! I feel so wonderful. I am having issues of packing up my baggy clothes and I am afraid to give them away for fear I guess of regaining the weight back! That is not a good thing to do. But this is my dilemma at the time. I really do not have alot of time to put this post together but I wanted to document my up to date loss so far!! I will post again soon!

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  1. i am soooo proud of my sister!!!! :D ur awesome, colette!!! im reading your blogs again and crying.. lol. i can't express how much u mean to me!! u have always been the person i look up to! im soo glad u are doing well, u make me want to do it too.. i have been depressed because of my size and havent had the drive or the energy to do anything about it.. u know how that is.. i wish i had the money to do meetings, but for now i am just going to start with counting calories and climbing the stairs at school lol.. i also think im going to try to get one of these so i can post whats going on with me too... i love you sooo much!!! and i just want you to know what an inspiration you are!!
    your sister,
    michelle <3